To be able to try our equipment and get a feel of laser-tag for yourself, you can rent our guns. By renting them you can have a chance to let our equipment convince you that laser-tag can be fun, healthy and a great way to spend time with your family and friends. It can be a way for a company to creatively have team building exercises. This option gives you full opportunity to check out our equipment with low expense. Run your own game, on your own field, with what ever rules you decide.

For those who look for guidance, we have suggestions that have worked well for us and other groups. You can follow the pre programmed setting in the guns or use our Game Controller to change those settings. You can play a "last man standing" type of game, "capture the flag" style of game, timed game, or run the game however you wish by changing the gun settings with the Game Controller.

Any group will enjoy renting for the weekend, for a party, church group activity, school group activity, corporate group activity, field day, or family day.

Call Steradian Technologies today and get a quote that includes shipping at (765) 420-9201.

If you are part of a paintball group that would like to be able to play laser tag during the winter when paintballs freeze, we may be what you are looking for. If you want to play when it is too hot for headgear, we may be what your group would enjoy. If you are a field owner, this can bring the year-round business that you are looking for. Any place that paint ball is played, laser tag can also be an option.

Laser tag can be played in any weather, by anyone. Young or old, in the hot or cold temperatures, laser tag can be a fun and a healthy activity for friends and family.

For any additional information about Steradian Technologies, LLC or laser tag equipment, please go to